White Papers

The Ear is the New Wrist: Livio AI’s Sensors Lead in Step Accuracy

Welcome to the Hearing Revolution

2.4 GHz Accessories: Enhancing the patient experience

Thrive Hearing Control: An app for a hearing revolution

Hearing Aid Technological Advancements Over Time Have Improved Subjective Outcomes

More to Muse On

Preferences for Digital Noise Reduction Settings

Acuity Immersion with e-STAT AI

Development and Implementation of Acuity Immersion Directionality

A New Dimension In Hearing

Real-Ear Service Provision

Music Streaming with Halo 2: Fitting Tips for Patient Success

The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies

Taking Personalisation to the Next Level

Proven Patient Performance with the Enhanced Synergy Platform

Can You Hear Me Now?

SurfLink Remote Microphone: Improving Speech Understanding in Challenging Environments

Clinical Validation of the Muse Wireless CROS System

The Comfort Bud: Designed with Patients in Mind

Guess Who’s Talking?

Understanding Auditory Difficulties Among Veterans

Nutrition, physical activity, and hearing health: Helping the world hear

Beyond the Streetlight in Hearing Aid Research

Relax App Offers Tinnitus Relief

Designing for the User

Tinnitus Then and Now

Beyond Audibility Articles

Auditory Deprivation: Use It or Lose It

Training the Brain: Hearing Aids and ReadMyQuips

Does hearing aid use really affect cognitive ability?

Cognitive Decline and the Role of Hearing Aids

Cognitive Capabilities

The Relationship Between Hearing Ability & Cognition/Dementia

Hidden Injury in the Noise-Exposed and Aging Ear

Randomised Controlled Trial of Hearing Aids Versus Combination Instruments for Tinnitus Therapy

Stream Boost: All About That Bass

Designed for Music Listening

Basic and advanced considerations in CROS and BiCROS fitting: streaming control and counselling

Muse and Halo 2: Technologies Designed for Living Better

The Music Memory: Q and A with Alyson Gruhlke

Micro-Electronic-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Microphones

Z Series

Automatic Experience Manager

Innovate Your World with the Halo and TruLink Experience

Acuity Directionality and Silicon Microphone Technology

Clinical Validation of the 3 Series Power Plus BTE

An Inside Look at the Design and Clinical Validation of the VFusion Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Charger

Individual differences in outcomes of tinnitus intervention

Voice iQ — Multivariate benefits

The emergence of silver-zinc rechargeable technology for hearing aids

Power to the People

Evaluation of SurfLink Mobile Remote Microphone Technology

An Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Remotely Delivered Auditory Training Program

Clinical validation of Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

Sound Therapy for Tinnitus: Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

Sound Check: Passing The Test?

3 Series - Simple Yet Thoughtful Design

Carefree Connectivity Is Here

The Prescription of Spectral iQ

e-STAT Fitting Formula - The Rationale Behind the Rationale

Hearing Aid Quality: Improving Moisture and Wax Protection

Wi Series: Customising the Wireless Experience

RIC Revolution - Starkey's Comprehensive RIC Family

A Simple Path to Self Learning

Spectral iQ: Audibly Improving Access to High-Frequency Sounds

Benefits of Deep-Canal Hearing Aid Fittings

Binaural Spatial Mapping Optimises Real-World Hearing Aid Behavior

Wi Series™: Optimising the Wireless Experience

Let's get "AMPed": Concept and Design of a Non-Custom CIC

Improving the Hearing Aid Fitting: Introducing SoundPoint

Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Improving the Patient Experience in Noise

Sweep™ Technology: Interfacing with the Future of Hearing Aid Design

Starkey Introduces S Series™ with Drive Architecture™

In the Zōn™: Excellence and Innovation in Hearing Instrument Design

Integrating Real Ear Measurement into Destiny™ and Zōn

Active Feedback Intercept: A State-of-the-Art Algorithm

Directional Speech Detector: A Truly Smart Directional Design